How I landed an internship on the other side of the world

I think in comics.

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Those were my thoughts as my semester in Australia neared its end. It’s a pretty common sentiment among college students, especially those reaching the end of their college career. Which includes me.

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I couldn’t graduate yet. I wasn’t mentally ready.

Yet, at the same time, I didn’t want to just take extra classes and drag out my degree. That would just be delaying the inevitable and creating an extra financial burden on my parents. No, if I was to delay graduation, I would do it by doing something worthwhile.

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For those who don’t know, my school– Northeastern University– has a program where students work full-time for 6 months in between taking classes. It’s a great program, one that I really believe in. After all, kids get real-life experience in the field that they’re studying, bolstering their resume, helping their personal development, and allowing them to discover what they really 

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Me in an anime episode?!

Ok, this sound extremely weird but, I’M GOING TO AN ANIME SHOW! I am freaking out and I’m really excited about it! And the thing is that, they just called me and told me that i was gonna be in an anime episode of a serial where my best friends sister is on. That was a blast and i was extremely happy about it because I have my chance to show people how much i love Japan, anime and manga!
Well heres all the story:
I was staying home chilling, and just then my moms phone rang. It was my best friends mom. My best friends sister which is also my best friend, plays on a serial which soon is gonna be very much liked by people because its very good. When I opened the phone, my moms friend said :” Youre going to be famous!” and I was like “Wha?!”. Then she gave my best friend the phone and she told me everything that I am gonna tell you now. The director was talking about episode 5 which is all about Japan, and the were talking about theyre awesomeness and my best friend told them something about anime and they were like :” omg! How did you know, who told you??” and she told them that it was meh! And then they said that she should take me to that episode to talk about Japan, anime, manga and to draw something. And i could never say no to that, could you? Well I’m gonna go to that show after tomorrow. But I’m kinda embarresed and scared too! Blah! Oh and I wonder if I’m going ti wear a youkata >.< Well thats what happened! Wish me luck guys! G'night!

Anime drawings

I started watching anime and reading manga since i was 7, with my older sister. I really liked anime and i started drawing them.


At first, i only watched Mark Crilley’s videos and draw them, but then I started drawing them by myself.

Me and my cousin which is an otaku too, opened an instagram called @otaku_fan_page , which still excists if you want to check it out. We did all sorts of drawing requests and had fun drawing for somebody else 😛

I really like drawing and my siste says that i should study drawing manga and stuff, and thats why i decided to take art class with mu brother.

Its really interesting how some people loves to colour everything that he draws. Well I’m not like that. I like drawing manga and stuff without colours and with more details. Back then i loved drawing anime characters with colours

But now I like drawing more “kawaii” and “chibi” or other things without colours, because i think they look more like mangas

Well, I’ve been obsessed with an awesome manga which is still ongoing that is called “Taiyou no Ie” . I really recommend to read that manga and have fun! Well, thats all I had to say about drawings, bye!

My 3 top anime




I gotta say that this year, we had a lot of good animes to watch, but there were 3 favorite ones. The first one was called “Free!”. It’s about swimming and it’s really good! And that anime made me like swimming much more than back then.
The other one which ended this week, is called Kyoukai no Kanata, which means “beyond the boundry”. This anime is more sci-fi with some youmu (a kind of monster) and blood swords, magical scarfs and stuff…  The third anime is called “hyouka” which means “ice cream” . This one is my favorite of all these 3. It’s mystery, and it has very good details and really good stories. There is a guy named Satoshi which looks almost the same as Akihito on “Kyoukai no Kanata”. Well, these three anime were made by the same company named “Kyoto animation” and that anime company makes awesome anime! Well, that’s what I think…



As we all know, today is Christmas!!!! Christmas is the best holiday for me because we all gather together and have fun! NOT forgetting an anime movie in the end of course but, yeah that’s what we usually do. Last year was great and I’m gonna be recommending some anime to watch and have fun!
1. Chunnibyo Demo Ko Gashitai (funny and good for small kids)
2. Hyouka ((the best anime i have ever seen) mystery and very good graphics)
3. K-ON (more for kids, but it can do)
4. Kyoukai No Kanata ( sci-fi )
5. Silver Spoon ( funny, animals )
6. Kaichou wa Maid-sama ( romance )
7. Hell Girl ( a little bit scary )
Yeah so that’s probably all the anime i recommend to watch for the next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all the people and otakus all over the world!!!